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  • Learn the 7 Principles

    Regardless of schooling and curriculum choices, learning happens most effectively when these principles are applied.  Click here to learn more and get copy of the 7 PBL Principles.

  • Looking Back

    PBL began in Spring 2009.    We are working to document and archive the history of the organization. Many individuals and families have participated. Noting the physical growth of children and our internal changes over years helps us remember that our decisions now impact the future. (Check back soon.)

  • Parents Corner

    The greatest impact  in all of history is the influence parents have on children.  We can’t stop the teaching and passing on our personal characteristics, coping skills and habits (good or bad).  PBL sponsors workshops, blog posts and other resources to support parents and individuals striving to pass on a noble legacy to the next generation.

  • Homeschooling Nitty-gritty

    There are so many great resources, curriculum and programs for homeschoolers!  But, with so much to choose from, it can also be overwhelming.   Carol Webster’s Kindle book Homeschooling for those Who Think They Can’t  is her advice to people when they ask ,”What do you use”?

  • The Holding Space Practice

    Written by Carol Webster and based in the PBL mindset, The Holding Space Practice book, workbook and workshops are all about empowering, exploring and educating adults who then have deep and personal tools to pass naturally to the next generation.

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