Amy Harvey Art

Memorial Page

Amy had a significant positive influence upon many homeschooled children and their parents that attended Principle Based Learning of Kansas City. 

Thank you for what you taught us all, Amy! We love and remember you!


Amy taught me courage

We were a group of homeschool moms in 2012 trying to give our kids exposure to good teaching and good people.  Amy found us on an internet search.  We invited her to meet at an activity at a public park.  (I didn't think she'd show up.)  When she arrived and introduced herself I was struck by her courage to show up to a group of strangers.  I was even more struck by her positive energy and confidence.  She immediately began to integrate into the group with her youngest, Max, who we love!


Amy expanded my heart

Amy's art pieces were not just to entertain.  There was always a profound lesson embedded.  She had the courage to share her heart and give us a glimpse of things we sometimes didn't have the experience or courage to think about.

My memory of this box is that it was about abortion and about God's plan.


Amy introduced us to her long-time friend, Julie Sutton, who is an amazing singer-songwriter.  Her music became part of the fabric of PBL.  The video above honors the the daughters of our group in 2013.  The video below honors our sons.  The one below that features some of the moms from that year.


Amy's Art From Her Heart

Portia the Cat series

Amy made this articulated cat puppet for her son Brett who loves his cat, Portia!  She made props for Portia.  What is the deeper meaning in this piece?  Love and humor make happy days!

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