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Holding Space Practice for Parenting

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From infants to toddlers to teens and beyond... We will customize a workshop to address the particular stage and needs of your group.  A popular workshop is about "disciplining toddlers to teens" so the home can be peaceful, yet children will learn responsibility and other values and skills that will prepare them for peaceful, prosperous and happy adulthood.

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The July 25, 2016 Storyhealing workshop with Lani Peterson was a great benefit for parents!

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Education Workshops

Holding Space Practice in Education

Educational philosophy was the starting point for Principle Based Learning.  There are so many basic questions to explore as you make decisions about the kind of education you want to provide your child.  If homeschooling is on your radar, these workshops will bridge the gap between philosophy and curriculum.  The introduction to Carol's book Homeschooling for Those Who Think They Can't is a good introduction for a this workshop. This video is also a good introduction. email carol@principlebasedlearning.com for more details

Yoga Workshops and Classes


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The word yoga means "union of body and spirit".  If you have never done yoga beyond turning on a video at home (like I did for so many years), then this workshop will take you to the next level.  If you think yoga is just an option for physical exercise, then this workshop is for you.  If you wonder if you are standing straight or have "good posture" then this workshop is for you.  If you think, "I could never do yoga" then this is for you too.

Yoga is NOT about putting your body into various postures, poses and contortions. 

For me, yoga has become my "health maintenance program".  It has made me stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   When I began I was in below average physical condition.  Yoga is not just for "flexible people" or "skinny people".  A regular practice will increase strength, flexibility and balance right from the place you are.  And it will do so in your body AND your life.

If you want to understand the goals of H.O.M.E. Yoga, a good book to read is called How Yoga Works.  This not a "how to" book...it is a fictional story that will touch and motivate you.

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Storyhealing Workshops

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At our annual Wisdom Workshop in January 2016 we combined some yoga with personal story exploration. It was a powerful 2 hours!  We all tell ourselves stories, but most of the time that personal "storytelling" is at a subconscious level.  HSP Storyhealing Workshops help us to bring  subconscious belief to our consciousness where we can be empowered to shift beliefs that are not serving us and open up to a more inclusive and useful story about ourselves.  At the end of that January workshop one participant asked, "How do we learn more about storyhealing".  Answer:  request a workshop for your group or schedule an individual appointment to work with Carol.


Past workshops:  July 25, 2016 Storyhealing workshop with Lani Peterson

Thursday, June 29, 8:30 am-12 noon

Healing Story Alliance (HSA) Pre-Conference
Share Your Story, Change Your Life 


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