Did you find yourself suddenly educating your children at home during Covid-19 quarantine.  Want some tips from a mom that has homeschooled her five children for a couple of decades?

Check out my video. "5 Success Tips for Home-centered Learning for Everyone"

In 2013 I published the Kindle book Homeschooling for Those Who Think They Can't.

You may not be interested in being a homeschooler, but you ARE interested in your family's education.  This book gives an insider's look of one mom and dad and five kids.  Things were rough until I learned to apply principles that helped us create a better learning atmosphere.

Homeschooling for Those Who Think They Can't helps reader's expand their vision.  It has some curriculum ideas from 2013.  Many of those resources are still good, but options for curriculum has exploded since then.

But if you are a Covid-19 homeschooler, for better or worse, you are following someone else's curriculum.  Regardless of the the content of your child's schoolwork, the 7 Principles apply.

May this book and the 7 Principles be a help to you and your family not just during this "forced" homeschooling experience, but well beyond!

The Key to successfully homeschooling, parenting and LIFE is to know how to stabilize and build your energetic and emotional foundations.

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  • Learn the 7 Principles

    Regardless of schooling and curriculum choices, learning happens most effectively when these principles are applied.  Click here to learn more and get copy of the 7 PBL Principles.

  • Looking Back

    PBL began in Spring 2009.    We are working to document and archive the history of the organization. Many individuals and families have participated. Noting the physical growth of children and our internal changes over years helps us remember that our decisions now impact the future.

    Friday, December 17, 2021 at 4:28 pm I got a text from one of our dear PBL moms, Amy Harvey.  Her message read, “Called hospice today. The nurse just left. I so want to honor God in this…”

    Amy had been battling cancer for several years.  I had not talked to her for about year.  I understood that my opportunity to be in contact with Amy in this life was coming to an end.

    Amy was an artist and taught art to our kids along with other topics like government.  Mostly, she taught us all how to look at life from the perspective of beauty, love and respect for self, for others and mostly for God.

    I wanted to see some of her art.  When I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it.  She said she had to take down her website years ago.  (It costs to keep a website running and she needed to put her resources elsewhere.)  I wanted to have her work somewhere online, so I said I wanted to publish her work on the Principle Based Learning website.

    She started texting me photos.  Here they are: Amy Harvey Memorial Page

  • Parents Corner

    The greatest impact  in all of history is the influence parents have on children.  We can’t stop the teaching and passing on our personal characteristics, coping skills and habits (good or bad).  PBL sponsors workshops, blog posts and other resources to support parents and individuals striving to pass on a noble legacy to the next generation.

  • Homeschooling Nitty-gritty

    There are so many great resources, curriculum and programs for homeschoolers!  But, with so much to choose from, it can also be overwhelming.   Carol Webster’s Kindle book Homeschooling for those Who Think They Can’t  is her advice to people when they ask ,”What do you use”?

  • The Holding Space Practice

    Written by Carol Webster and based in the PBL mindset, The Holding Space Practice book, workbook and workshops are all about empowering, exploring and educating adults who then have deep and personal tools to pass naturally to the next generation.

    Click here to go to the website and get your free e-book and course

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